A holiday with a BFF.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Doesn't that look beautiful? That's where my friend, Fleur, and I are headed to start 2012. In January we are flying out of Melbs and heading northward to sit on an island beach drinking cocktails and relaxing our bones. We might check out some great barrier reef and Island hop whilst we are there...

I went away with Fleur last year for Sydney palooza, she's an easy holiday mate to have. I know we get along well enough to enjoy 5 nights together quite blissfully. Have you ever holidayed with friends? Where did you go? I reckon its a bonding thing too. You always come home from shared experiences with a tighter connection. Bonus! And as you know, she is one of my besties, so I can't wait to chill with her and bliss out!

We booked our stay today, got a great bargain price, so lucky! I can't wait! SQUEE!!!!!

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