Post Palooza. Part 1.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I have to break palooza into three parts. We really did that much. Firstly, TL:DR - Best weekend ever. I have not had such a fun time in ages, it was fantastic! We crammed a heap in, and it was nowhere near long enough.

Thursday night, Anna picked me up and we headed in to Andrews Airport Parking along with cardboard Megan. We were so sad Megs couldn't come with us, Anna made a cardboard version and we took her along with us. So funny.

So we got driven to the airport, the driver warning us of the dangers of drinking too much. Heh. As we were checking in, Fleur joined the line and told us she had been about to go and get on the shuttle to get to the airport, when some guy had accosted her offering a $15 limo ride instead. Along with a bunch of other strangers. So she took it up and arrived in style. Lol!

We grabbed a bite to eat, and got caught up in a random argument about donuts when some guy decided to join in on our conversation. "Donut king are the best!" he shouted with fervour. Um. Okay then!?

On the plane we were those passengers. We're sorry. No we're not really. We were chatting and giggling the entire flight. Since it was an after 4pm flight, there was a free piccolo of wine. Score! We downed that and the stewardess returned after Anna told her we were on a girls weekend with another piccolo each. Mid way through that, she came back again with an enormous bag of mini packs of pretzels and another 3 piccolos of wine. "Take these back to the hotel! Just don't tell the cabin manager!" she said. What a lovely woman she was. We were so stoked. So, on a slight buzz now, we arrived in Sydney. My god it was hot. Humid as hell. It was 11pm at night and we were sweltering. We grabbed a cab to the hotel and checked in. We stayed at The Hyde Park Inn, and it was a good room. We kicked back and eventually went to bed sometime around 1am.

On Friday we woke up and had breakfast and headed to circular quay on the double decker wacky trains. Whilst waiting at the station, we heard quacking. Some guy on the opposite platform, was quacking. WTF??? It was so bizarre. We all got the giggles and fell onto the train laughing. At Circular Quay we got some gelato, and took the obligatory photos of the bridge and opera house. Then, it was time.

We had booked a jetboat ride through Spreets a few weeks back, for a bargain. We decided to brave the no poncho required, and jumped in. Oh. My. God. That thing could move!! He would wave his hand in a circle and we'd all count down to an awesome 360 degree spin. All of us ended up soaked through. Such a salt water drenching! God it was fun though! The Thunder Jetboat ride was well worth it. We met some odd character in Sydney. Whilst we were waiting for this ride, a cruise operator next to us was trying to sell a cruise to Korean tourists. When they walked off, he turned to us and said: "well that was a waste of time. You know what they were? Energy vampires. Seriously. They suck your energy out. Like a prune. He will live longer now and I have a year off my life. I feel just.. drained.. you know? Have you ever seen the movie cocoon? With the old people? And the alien thing sucked their youth? It's just like that. Only energy. They are energy vampires. You really have to watch out for them because they will come..." and on and on he went. Fleur and Anna lost it and were laughing their arses off. I was nodding and empathising with the poor crazy man and trying to escape onto the boat...

After that, we decided to jump straight on a ferry, still soaked, and head to Manly. We walked around and found an outdoor restaurant where we had King Prawns and wine for lunch. Fleur had to teach me how to peel the prawns, which was... an adventure. Eww. They tasted damn good though! Then we walked to Adriano Zumbos patisserie , and indulged in fancy cakes and macaroons. I had something called a Craigie Bam cake - chocolate dacquoise, chocolate sabayon with salted caramel debris, chocolate caramel creameux, caramel mousse. Soooo yummy.

Then we just caught the ferry in time to head back to Circular Quay, and back to the hotel. The humidity meant none of us had dried out from the jetboat ride, so we changed before heading out to meet our lovely friend Marisa for an after work drink at the Darlo Bar. When we walked back into the hotel, Anna asked the receptionist if she knew somewhere we could go and get a manicure and pedicure. She disappeared to the back office, and we assumed she was getting us information. Instead, she returned with the manager who asked us how much?? We looked at her a little confused. "err.. I don't really know..." I said. She asked the other girls who replied similarly confused. "SO none of you know how much?" she said accusingly. Anna said "we just want to know where we can go to get a pedicure!!" "ohhhh!" the manager replied, as the receptionists hands flew to her face and she bolted out to the back office. Fleur had had it. "What on earth is going on? What is the big deal?" she asked, frustrated and confused. I started to giggle. "I think she thought we were offering the mani/pedis" I said. "Yes. That." The manager replied. We were in hysterics. How very odd!!!

So, we caught a cab to the Darlo Bar, and the taxi driver asked us what we were up to. We told him a girls weekend. He then told us if we had husbands, they'd cheat on us because all men do, none can be trusted, he knows, hes a man and they can never be trusted, and anyway, if they DID cheat, it was deserved because we had gone away. As we left the cab (me biting my tongue to not argue), he says "Hope your husbands are still there when you get home..." What is with the weird people there, Sydney?! Anyway, we sat there in the Darlo Bar waiting for Marisa, having a few drinks and people watching. Let me tell you, if it is people watching you are after, this is the place to go. Oh my. Some very, very odd characters. And almost certainly a gay bar. We had a good time chatting with Marisa, who was glowing in her pregnancy, and then we all walked down toward Kings Cross to get some dinner. We decided on a Japanese restaurant and Marisa introduced the three of us to the wonders of edamame. So. Freakin. Yum. We spent ages just talking and laughing and having a good meal. My idea of heaven! Afterwards, Marisa's lovely husband drove us back to George Street where we had tickets to a movie at Gold Class. We ordered 2 cocktails and a super sundae each to devour throughout the very odd movie. Classic crude line: "It's like there's a crime scene in my pants!" Ooookayyyy. After that, we walked back to the hotel, there were people everywhere. I know it was a Friday night and all, but the place was pumping. People everywhere. I know we were up fairly late this night chatting, and we decided we'd hit the town the next night to burn the floor. And boy did we.

And this was just the first 24 hours!!! Stay tuned for post palooza blog part 2! (after part 3 I will do a photo post of the entire trip!)

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xxBeLLaxx said...

It was a fantastic weekend, I cant wait to do it again :)
Sent the link to Luke because I had forgotten alot of the stuff, I think he will have a good laugh!!

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