The sweetness

Monday, February 14, 2011

RJ with F on the right in his hoodie, and one of her adoring fans, a classmate of F that loves to walk her out each day.

My little girl is not long 2 years old. She just started dancing classes which she adores. Dressing up in her pink tutu with her little ballet slippers, getting her hair done. She can be such a girly girl. Yesterday, I was painting my toenails, and she insisted I paint her toenails too. She adores her dresses, yet she can rough and tumble with the best of them and boy is she an adrenalin junkie. She will be a rollercoaster rider for sure. I adore this age, she's learning new words, discovering the world. It's beautiful.

My boy is growing into a young man. He is starting to look older, and he is so damn smart. He wins maths comps, creates amazing characters, and adores his baby sister so completely. He cares for her, loves her, and includes her. He is advancing in so many areas. He does karate and it's so well suited to him. It requires focus, determination and discipline - all areas he excels in. He is brilliant at it. I hope he stays with it for a decent time, I think he will, he seems to love it.

These are my reasons to get out of bed every day. These are my happy, my sweet, my babies. I am a lucky Mama.

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-A said...

You are a wonderful mama.

I love this post.

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