Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This may irritate or offend people I care about. That's really not my intention, it's just a post about something that bugs me. Okay, drives me to stab myself in the eyes with a fork, if I am truly honest.

It's called SLACKTIVISM. You know what I'm talking about, activism without any actual legitimate effort. For example, let's post on facebook about the color of our bras, or even more far fetched, where we like to keep our handbags. And why? To help breast cancer awareness.

Um... What the fuck? How on earth, does that help someone that has breast cancer?! All it does is make the poster feel good. Pat on the back, I care about breast cancer, look at me! Seriously?? Of course, its not just breast cancer that evokes this behaviour, it's just that it is more frequent, because, lets face it, it involves boobs. Everyone likes boobs.

When I first joined twitter, I discovered there was a group of people who liked to take the opportunity each Wednesday, to post pictures of their boobs in bras. Sometimes very barely, in bras. Or even just their boobs in general. In theory, they said this was to raise Breast Cancer Awareness and remind people to do breast checks. Seriously. Hows about a simple reminder tweet to check for lumps, and put your saggy tits away, because no one wants to see your skank. These people aren't whipping tits out for anyones benefit. They are doing it as exhibitionists. If you want to flash, then by all means, knock yourself out, but don't bullshit and claim it is for "breast cancer awareness." Bull. Shit.

You want to make a difference? DONATE. <--- CLICK it and act.

/end rant. Stepping down from high horse.

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melissa said...

Oh gosh, yes. Those tweets and facebook statuses irritate me so much!

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