Post Palooza. Part 2.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday! We lazed in a bit Saturday morning, but eventually got ourselves moving and headed off to catch a train to Bondi. Problem: Trains were not running. We debated a bus, but had no freaking clue how to go about that, so we decided screw it, and got a cab instead. We went to Westfield and were a little early for the booked mani and pedis. We somehow found ourselves in a clothing store... Now, I don't know what went wrong here. We all went in to look at potential purchases, yet somehow, the other two girls ended up sitting on plush chairs offering opinions of the million outfits I tried on. The funny old Ukranian woman that ran the store kept finding more and more for me to try on. So many lovely dresses and tops... It started to get a bit crazy, though. She literally was bringing me everything she had. We had to stop her. I still walked out with a gorgeous new dress, very cute little black dress. Then we went to the mani pedi session. Because my feet had blistered in newish shoes the day before, I elected to skip the pedicure, and watched enviously as the other two soaked and scrubbed and had toes painted pretty colors. Then my own bliss began with a lovely manicure and hand massage. Once we had shiny nails and pretty colors, we stopped for a delicious Thai lunch and then went to Target to get more clothes and accessories for the night out. I nabbed a sweet little bag/purse and a cute black silk roses headband.

Then I thought I had best take the kidlets home a present too, so I shopped in the Early Education Store for gifts. We passed an arts supplies shop and had to stop and get a photo with a guy who had been body painted up to look Native American. He looked amazing, and was very sweet having his picture taken with us. We passed a hairdressers, and Fleur spent literally 15 minutes debating hair extensions. She ended up passing, which was a shame, I reckon they would have looked hot! We then found ourselves a little cheap jewellery store, and chose some bling for the night ahead. Kitted out now, we decided the only thing left on our list was the most essential. Wine. What joy when we found a 2 for $25 sale. 4 bottles later, we decided to head home. Except that then Fleur and I saw a Just Cuts, and wheedled ourselves a hair straightening each. Sleek hair later, we were ready to head back and start to party.

We stopped on our way out for a juice. I was first up and ordered and waited for my name to be called. "Kelly!" they called, and I collected my drink. Then I hear "Rhonda!" and Fleur walks up for hers. Next, "FiFi!" and Anna is collecting her juice whilst I am in hysterics. Crazy girls.

Back at the hotel we indulged in our Zumbo cakes and moscato wine. The room was a chorus of "OH MY GOD"s and "YUUUUUM" - the cakes were amazing. We realised we were yet to print boarding passes for the way home, and were able to access the hotels business centre for free to do so. I decided I had to wear my new headband down. Fleur responded with "I see your headband and I raise you a hat" I replied, "I see your hat and raise you bling" and put my necklace on. Fleur giggled and said "I see your bling and raise you heels!" she said adding bling and heels. Anna said "oh my god, you two, its only the business centre!!" So we clip clopped in heels down to the sweltering no air conditioned business centre and got our boarding passes organised.

When we got back, we finished off the 4 bottles of wine, and realised we needed to get ready if we were to hit Retro before 9pm when the cover charge started. Anna had not really ever worn make up aside from her wedding day, so we glammed her up and got ourselves dressed and prettied for the night out. A short cab ride and we were at Retro. And then the fun REALLY started.

Tame drinks at first, vodka and orange for me. Fleur started a tab on the bar, and we then moved into the DJ bar from the sports bar. Several drinks later, we were doing a conga line through the club. Then I found the blackboard of shots available. It was about then that it started to get blurry... Slippery nipples, and cocksucking cowboys to start. Then more vodka. Then somehow I was on malibu and pineapple. Then more slippery nipples. Then a lot of dancing and singing. We talked to a bunch of guys who ironically, were there on a boys weekend from Melbourne. Fleur and one of them took up position on the free water jugs and poured water for everyone. Possibly, they annoyed everyone by insisting on pouring for them... I somehow ended up being chatted up by Seamus the Irishman, who then kissed me, which was a bit of a shock. Then I met another Irish guy, and his sisters. He was rather chatty too, i recall talking to him about hurling... :/ Everytime he spoke to Fleur she would turn to me and shout: "I CAN'T UNDERSTAND HIM" rofl. Around this time, Anna had had enough and headed back to the hotel. I made her text me to make sure she got back safe. At one point Fleur and I were standing by the bar lamenting our sore high heeled feet, and s guy walked past and looked at me and stopped, and leaned in to kiss me. I leaned back as far as I could without performing a backbend over the bar, and he kept coming so Fleur saved the day with a big shove. LOL. I think we'd probably have stayed until closing at 5am, but by after 2am, our feet were killing us, so we cabbed it back to the hotel. I recall Fleur wouldn't stop talking to the driver... Then she and I took our shoes off, and stumbled into the 7 Eleven for water and chips. Somehow, we made it up to the room, giggling and shushing one another (loudly). Anna was waiting up for us, and was amused by just how wasted we were. My favorite of Fleur's tweets for the night was:

I just scored afree Miskito dhakeser

Which translates to:
I just scored a free Midori shaker.

And mine:
One bot been so dry k in. Ahea

Which translates to:
I've not been so drunk in ages.

So funny. I think we managed pyjamas, christ knows how, before falling into beds and watching the world spin before finally passing out...

COMING SOON: Part 3 of our palooza weekend in Sydney.

Post Palooza. Part 1.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I have to break palooza into three parts. We really did that much. Firstly, TL:DR - Best weekend ever. I have not had such a fun time in ages, it was fantastic! We crammed a heap in, and it was nowhere near long enough.

Thursday night, Anna picked me up and we headed in to Andrews Airport Parking along with cardboard Megan. We were so sad Megs couldn't come with us, Anna made a cardboard version and we took her along with us. So funny.

So we got driven to the airport, the driver warning us of the dangers of drinking too much. Heh. As we were checking in, Fleur joined the line and told us she had been about to go and get on the shuttle to get to the airport, when some guy had accosted her offering a $15 limo ride instead. Along with a bunch of other strangers. So she took it up and arrived in style. Lol!

We grabbed a bite to eat, and got caught up in a random argument about donuts when some guy decided to join in on our conversation. "Donut king are the best!" he shouted with fervour. Um. Okay then!?

On the plane we were those passengers. We're sorry. No we're not really. We were chatting and giggling the entire flight. Since it was an after 4pm flight, there was a free piccolo of wine. Score! We downed that and the stewardess returned after Anna told her we were on a girls weekend with another piccolo each. Mid way through that, she came back again with an enormous bag of mini packs of pretzels and another 3 piccolos of wine. "Take these back to the hotel! Just don't tell the cabin manager!" she said. What a lovely woman she was. We were so stoked. So, on a slight buzz now, we arrived in Sydney. My god it was hot. Humid as hell. It was 11pm at night and we were sweltering. We grabbed a cab to the hotel and checked in. We stayed at The Hyde Park Inn, and it was a good room. We kicked back and eventually went to bed sometime around 1am.

On Friday we woke up and had breakfast and headed to circular quay on the double decker wacky trains. Whilst waiting at the station, we heard quacking. Some guy on the opposite platform, was quacking. WTF??? It was so bizarre. We all got the giggles and fell onto the train laughing. At Circular Quay we got some gelato, and took the obligatory photos of the bridge and opera house. Then, it was time.

We had booked a jetboat ride through Spreets a few weeks back, for a bargain. We decided to brave the no poncho required, and jumped in. Oh. My. God. That thing could move!! He would wave his hand in a circle and we'd all count down to an awesome 360 degree spin. All of us ended up soaked through. Such a salt water drenching! God it was fun though! The Thunder Jetboat ride was well worth it. We met some odd character in Sydney. Whilst we were waiting for this ride, a cruise operator next to us was trying to sell a cruise to Korean tourists. When they walked off, he turned to us and said: "well that was a waste of time. You know what they were? Energy vampires. Seriously. They suck your energy out. Like a prune. He will live longer now and I have a year off my life. I feel just.. drained.. you know? Have you ever seen the movie cocoon? With the old people? And the alien thing sucked their youth? It's just like that. Only energy. They are energy vampires. You really have to watch out for them because they will come..." and on and on he went. Fleur and Anna lost it and were laughing their arses off. I was nodding and empathising with the poor crazy man and trying to escape onto the boat...

After that, we decided to jump straight on a ferry, still soaked, and head to Manly. We walked around and found an outdoor restaurant where we had King Prawns and wine for lunch. Fleur had to teach me how to peel the prawns, which was... an adventure. Eww. They tasted damn good though! Then we walked to Adriano Zumbos patisserie , and indulged in fancy cakes and macaroons. I had something called a Craigie Bam cake - chocolate dacquoise, chocolate sabayon with salted caramel debris, chocolate caramel creameux, caramel mousse. Soooo yummy.

Then we just caught the ferry in time to head back to Circular Quay, and back to the hotel. The humidity meant none of us had dried out from the jetboat ride, so we changed before heading out to meet our lovely friend Marisa for an after work drink at the Darlo Bar. When we walked back into the hotel, Anna asked the receptionist if she knew somewhere we could go and get a manicure and pedicure. She disappeared to the back office, and we assumed she was getting us information. Instead, she returned with the manager who asked us how much?? We looked at her a little confused. "err.. I don't really know..." I said. She asked the other girls who replied similarly confused. "SO none of you know how much?" she said accusingly. Anna said "we just want to know where we can go to get a pedicure!!" "ohhhh!" the manager replied, as the receptionists hands flew to her face and she bolted out to the back office. Fleur had had it. "What on earth is going on? What is the big deal?" she asked, frustrated and confused. I started to giggle. "I think she thought we were offering the mani/pedis" I said. "Yes. That." The manager replied. We were in hysterics. How very odd!!!

So, we caught a cab to the Darlo Bar, and the taxi driver asked us what we were up to. We told him a girls weekend. He then told us if we had husbands, they'd cheat on us because all men do, none can be trusted, he knows, hes a man and they can never be trusted, and anyway, if they DID cheat, it was deserved because we had gone away. As we left the cab (me biting my tongue to not argue), he says "Hope your husbands are still there when you get home..." What is with the weird people there, Sydney?! Anyway, we sat there in the Darlo Bar waiting for Marisa, having a few drinks and people watching. Let me tell you, if it is people watching you are after, this is the place to go. Oh my. Some very, very odd characters. And almost certainly a gay bar. We had a good time chatting with Marisa, who was glowing in her pregnancy, and then we all walked down toward Kings Cross to get some dinner. We decided on a Japanese restaurant and Marisa introduced the three of us to the wonders of edamame. So. Freakin. Yum. We spent ages just talking and laughing and having a good meal. My idea of heaven! Afterwards, Marisa's lovely husband drove us back to George Street where we had tickets to a movie at Gold Class. We ordered 2 cocktails and a super sundae each to devour throughout the very odd movie. Classic crude line: "It's like there's a crime scene in my pants!" Ooookayyyy. After that, we walked back to the hotel, there were people everywhere. I know it was a Friday night and all, but the place was pumping. People everywhere. I know we were up fairly late this night chatting, and we decided we'd hit the town the next night to burn the floor. And boy did we.

And this was just the first 24 hours!!! Stay tuned for post palooza blog part 2! (after part 3 I will do a photo post of the entire trip!)

The sweetness

Monday, February 14, 2011

RJ with F on the right in his hoodie, and one of her adoring fans, a classmate of F that loves to walk her out each day.

My little girl is not long 2 years old. She just started dancing classes which she adores. Dressing up in her pink tutu with her little ballet slippers, getting her hair done. She can be such a girly girl. Yesterday, I was painting my toenails, and she insisted I paint her toenails too. She adores her dresses, yet she can rough and tumble with the best of them and boy is she an adrenalin junkie. She will be a rollercoaster rider for sure. I adore this age, she's learning new words, discovering the world. It's beautiful.

My boy is growing into a young man. He is starting to look older, and he is so damn smart. He wins maths comps, creates amazing characters, and adores his baby sister so completely. He cares for her, loves her, and includes her. He is advancing in so many areas. He does karate and it's so well suited to him. It requires focus, determination and discipline - all areas he excels in. He is brilliant at it. I hope he stays with it for a decent time, I think he will, he seems to love it.

These are my reasons to get out of bed every day. These are my happy, my sweet, my babies. I am a lucky Mama.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This may irritate or offend people I care about. That's really not my intention, it's just a post about something that bugs me. Okay, drives me to stab myself in the eyes with a fork, if I am truly honest.

It's called SLACKTIVISM. You know what I'm talking about, activism without any actual legitimate effort. For example, let's post on facebook about the color of our bras, or even more far fetched, where we like to keep our handbags. And why? To help breast cancer awareness.

Um... What the fuck? How on earth, does that help someone that has breast cancer?! All it does is make the poster feel good. Pat on the back, I care about breast cancer, look at me! Seriously?? Of course, its not just breast cancer that evokes this behaviour, it's just that it is more frequent, because, lets face it, it involves boobs. Everyone likes boobs.

When I first joined twitter, I discovered there was a group of people who liked to take the opportunity each Wednesday, to post pictures of their boobs in bras. Sometimes very barely, in bras. Or even just their boobs in general. In theory, they said this was to raise Breast Cancer Awareness and remind people to do breast checks. Seriously. Hows about a simple reminder tweet to check for lumps, and put your saggy tits away, because no one wants to see your skank. These people aren't whipping tits out for anyones benefit. They are doing it as exhibitionists. If you want to flash, then by all means, knock yourself out, but don't bullshit and claim it is for "breast cancer awareness." Bull. Shit.

You want to make a difference? DONATE. <--- CLICK it and act.

/end rant. Stepping down from high horse.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A bit of light humor to start your week!

There is a whole series of these. They make me chuckle. What do you think?!

Standing on a precipice

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I have 2 weeks left. 2 weeks before life becomes a haze of chaos when I start the Master of Teaching with Deakin. Some of the materials arrived today for the English class. The teaching ones won't be far off. It looks like an interesting course, challenging, but achievable. I'm excited about it, but nervous too. It's been so long now since I was in the workforce, it will take some adjustment. This is why I kept studying all this time, it kept me in the loop and skilled up.

F started grade 2 this week, it seems only yesterday he was starting playgroup, clinging to me, desperately attached and bonded and still a baby, really. It should get easier, that first day, but I still shed a few tears on the drive home. God help me when I take 2 kids for a first day. RJ is starting playgroup at montessori shortly as well, though I will be with her. She started dance classes last week, and F is back at karate this coming week, so things are busy already. Adding study in to the mix is sure going to keep me on my toes.

I will finish my 2 weeks of remaining leisure up with palooza. Sure will be a way to go out with a bang! It's hard to balance being a mother, with being Kelly. But to me, it is so important to be more. I don't want to lose my own identity. I love being a mother, and it is a huge part of who I am, but it doesn't make all of me. I am still Kelly, and I still have my own interests and passions, my own goals and my own life. Going away with friends, studying, writing... This is why when I blog, I blog about all kinds of things. Sure, my kids make up a huge part of it, but I have to make sure I don't lose Kelly. Its crucial.

A friend of mine, Gayle, sent me a message today that totally made my day. She had been reading the blog of one of her favourite authors, and sent me the link saying that she felt I had a similar 'voice' and may enjoy her work. It was flattering and encouraging (and a new author is always gold!) I was thrilled when the first post I read by the author mentioned The Tea Party (think band not politics). Definitely some similarity there ;) It has inspired me to go back to my writing again, to keep plugging away at it, and exploring it. I am trying not to focus so much on the end goal of publication so much as just experimenting with works and enjoying the process. Bliss for its own sake.

An Atheists 'Prayer'

Thursday, February 3, 2011

So, unless you have been living under a rock, you'll know Australia has had hard core weather lately up north. Major floods, and a huge monster of a cyclone overnight. I was thinking about all the status updates I would see on facebook, the comments on news sites, and the tweets and so on, where people were praying for Queenslanders. I don't pray. But I care.

An Atheists 'Prayer'.

I hope that your inner strength shines through.
I hope you remain safe and secure.
My thoughts turn to those in the midst of fear,
And I hope that it passes for you soon.

May you gain comfort and support from the community: local, nation, world.
May you find positives in the negative.
I hope that you come out of the experience with a greater sense of fortitude and pride in spirit.
Know we'll help where we can, you won't face it alone.

Keep safe.