Australia Day

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I realise this entry is several days too late, but some bastard spiked my drink with HEAPS of vodka, then force fed me beer until I was completely shitfaced on Australia Day.

So belatedly, what does it mean to you? I asked my 6yo this question, what does he like about being Australian - he pondered the question, then responded: "you know what I don't like?" "What?" "That we don't have Halloween or jackalantas in Australia." (Seriously, 3 months on, we still have not let that go?!) But when pressed for what he does like, he said "that we have lots of food and things here." He is often thinking of our sponsor child, Zainabu, who lives in Uganda, in these things.

It raises much debate, Australia Day. Predominantly, do we want a republic? Do we want a new flag? Do we need a new anthem? What is our national dish? Do we even HAVE a clear identity?

We're a relatively new country, we're still finding out identity, in my opinion. I am undecided on a republic, but I lean toward it. I like our flag, though. Who cares if it has the Union Jack - regardless of whether we ever become a republic, Britain will always be an enormous part of our history, so big deal. That flag has meant so much to so many throughout history, I don't like the idea of changing it. But does it reflect enough of our history? What about BEFORE the white people landed and took over? Related: Australia Day is a bit strange... celebrating the day we started hunting Aboriginals like animals is not cause for celebration. I like the idea of celebrating it the day before. The day before it all changed.

And YES we need a new anthem. Seriously... girt by sea? Who uses the word girt, like ever?! And strains ought not be joyful. Not a fan of that song at all. And don't be replacing it with Waltzing Matilda which makes Aussies seem like thieving convict bastards one and all. Use a shortened version of the 'I am, You are, We are Australia' song. That's much better.

So, what is our national dish? I voted a bbq'd sausage in bread... roast lamb would be up there... prawns... The good old lamington... Actually, I think it's the boring but certainly instantly identifiable as Australian Vegemite sambo, isn't it!? With a glass of Milo. And a tim tam. That's Aussie food! (tried to write tucker or grub there, couldn't do it).

I love being an Aussie, and to me, Australia Day usually means a BBQ, some drinks, Triple J's Hottest 100, and friends. And being grateful that I live in such a beautiful and free country. What are your thoughts?


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

45 days and I leave for the U.S. - rather excited now, starting to buy bits and pieces and get myself organised. I am a master of lists! No doubt this trip will push me in all kinds of new ways, and I am really looking forward to seeing who I am when I come out the other side of it. I suspect I will be quite changed.

I was looking for tips for the flight the other day, came across this blog article that made me chuckle. Extra bonus? Vomit bag anecdotes. LOL! I have stocked up on books (I have The Alchemy of Loss, The Time of My Life and Notes Left Behind as well as a chicklit novel), and will ensure I have writing materials with me. Mostly, I am hoping to sleep.

Given it is the first major trip I have done, I am more than welcoming travel tips and packing essentials, let me know yours.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Awake since 4am. Can't sleep. Got a text from a friend last night mentioning she may be looking at breast cancer.

And here we go again.

I'm hopeful it is not. It's not a definitive dx yet. But it's dredged more crap up.

How do you ever shake the fear of it returning? Every 3m mum sees the oncologist. She just had her first post cancer mammogram (clear!!) and she sees the surgeon again soon as well. They keep very close watch, for this I'm grateful.

But sometimes, like when I wake at 4am, I'm gripped by this incapacitating fear. It's overwhelming. It won't return. Right?

Holy exclamations, Batman!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This had me laughing to tears. "Holy rising hemlines Batman!!" Some of them are so funny. All the hand punching and glove adjustment.. oh my..

Cherry Blossom tattoo...

So waaaay back here at the start of my blog, I started talking about getting a tattoo. Then I thought more about it here, but still debated. I finally came up with a design I liked, and a whereabouts I was happy with (inside left wrist), and I took the plunge. You know, they are right when they say tattoos are addictive, I have another in planning stage already. Anyhoo, here it is, my cherry blossom tattoo, with the kanjii for the word Natsukashii.

110 in 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Over at Twitter, the gorgeous @Sarahndipitea inspired me to create a list of 110 goals for the year 2010. I ought to have made the first one finding 110 things to list... It took some time! But, here it is. 110 things that I want to achieve in 2010. If you are interested in writing your own list, join us here, or, just comment and add a link back so I can read what it is you want to do this year. Dream big.

1. Visit an o/s country
2. Take risks
3. Travel more – locally, Aus, Abroad
4. Meet new people
5. Make more friends
6. Let more people in
7. Start a grad dip in IKM
8. Write
9. Create
10. Look after me
11. Get a tattoo
12. Stand in the rain til I am soaked through
13. Be loved
14. Appreciate Friends
15. Exercise regularly
16. Learn Italian
17. Learn a dance – salsa!?
18. Keep a diary
19. Read a book a month for pleasure
20. Cultivate a stronger sense of self
21. Bake more
22. Clean closets and give away or throw out things I don’t wear
23. Hang pictures
24. Take kids to zoo
25. Buy luggage
26. Conquer long haul flight
27. Buy or cut fresh flowers monthly min
28. Find new music
29. Decorate the house
30. Buy more shoes
31. Drive somewhere far - road trip!
32. Laugh more
33. Treat my hair more
34. Get massage
35. Drink less coffee
36. Expand movie collection
37. Blog more
38. Attend a concert
39. Watch a sunrise
40. Stay up all night
41. Watch a sunset
42. Buy more pretty things
43. Learn to better apply make up - smoky eyes...
44. Save $500 for no real purpose.
45. Get a job
46. Buy more pretty lingerie
47. Get more pedicures
48. Pierce my nose
49. Stay in bed all day with dvds and/or books
50. Swim in the ocean – beach hair!
51. Mosaic again
52. Try pottery
53. Paint, even just once
54. Donate unused toys
55. Grow herb garden
56. Grow basic vegies
57. Watch Schindlers list
58. Stop worrying
59. Attend a St Patricks Day parade
60. Learn a new word daily
61. Find something to be grateful for daily
62. Plant a tree
63. Kiss in the rain
64. Wish on a shooting star
65. See a movie at a drive in
66. Research Infertility book
67. Be more positive
68. Talk to strangers more
69. Take more photos
70. Do more RAOK
71. Compliment others often
72. Learn to relax
73. Be more environmentally friendly
74. Don’t strangle anybody! (Hoping this is my definite achieved item...)
75. Keep a budget
76. Buy more dresses
77. Monthly movie night
78. Sleep more!
79. Read with kids regularly
80. Have fun with Finns school lunches and introduce new foods
81. Take Finn to scienceworks
82. Spend more time alone
83. Take kids to the beach
84. Get counselling
85. Move house or revamp current
86. Hug kids at least twice a day
87. Tell kids I love them at least twice every day
88. Explore San Fran in March
89. Write a letter to myself 10 years in the future
90. Write a letter to the child me
91. Organise my photos into albums on iPhoto
92. Write a haiku
93. Have someone read to me out loud
94. In addition to reading a book for pleasure each month, read at least 10 from this list:
95. In addition to movies for pleasure etc. Watch at least 10 from this list:
96. Organize my pantry more efficiently
97. Be brave
98. Ask for help when I need it
99. Laugh til I cry
100. Cook new meals
101. Ease off on the self guilt
102. Believe and remind myself I deserve more happy
103. Try new foods
104. Work on relationship with the folks
105. Spend more time with my niece and nephew
106. Have confidence in the decisions I make and embrace them
107. Make those I care about feel special
108. Be open to possibilities, always
109. Take opportunities and make them count
110. Make a list for 2011

Creme de la Creme of 2009

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The amazing Stirrup Queen has again compiled the awesome Creme de la Creme list for the year.

"So what is the Creme de la Creme list if this is your first time here? It was started as a response to the many blogging awards that are given out each winter. I expanded the idea of presenting “the best” to include a post from every blog in the ALI (adoption/loss/infertility) world*. Every blogger has a personal best that deserves recognition. As editor of the list, I create the small blurbs after the title which serve as a doorway to the post. I hope they will help you find what you are seeking to read as well as show definitively the diversity of experience and emotion within the ALI community."
Find the list and some of the most amazing, inspirational, heartbreaking, blog entries from 2009 in the ALI world... you name it, you can find it HERE. I hear #16 is especially awesome (shortcut). ;-)