What a day.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shitty day today. Of course, I had the monitor on this morning still, so couldn't shower until midday, which sucked. I took Finn to school and his teacher pulled me aside to tell me he cries most days, with no explanation. It's getting more frequent, and he doesn't play with anyone in breaks. Nor does he like participating in class unless she directly asks him to. I was heartbroken. My boy is so unhappy at school. Why?? I got in the car and cried. I feel like a failure. I know that he is not confident, is a perfectionist, shy and solitary. This is who he is. In his comfort zone he is happy and smart and witty. I don't know how to help. Creating more opportunities for successes, building his self confidence as best I can. I do this now, I'm not sure how to make it more. I talked to him and nothing is upsetting, bothering, worrying or angering him. I feel so sad. Any ideas how to help him feel more secure, less lonely, and more confident in school?

After that, I went to get the monitor off, and was told I would have to wait a WEEK for results. So stressful. I just want to know if its serious or not :( A week is going to be a long time with the palpitations still frequent. I did get some on the monitor so hopefully they can see it and decide if it is the worrying kind or not. I am told if it is, they'll call sooner but it's a stressful wait.

Then the tape that held the electrodes on left red welts all over me. Awesome.

I just want to go to bed and hide.

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Diane said...

Aww. I am so sorry Kel!! Can you request a conference with his teacher and the principal (is that what the head of the school is called there). The States has this program called 504s. I could have gotten them done for both my kids due to their food allergies. Basically, their learning would have been slightly different had I done them (didn't see a need as long as I educated my kids). However, I know someone who did one in a similar situation as Finn. This child was still attached to his regular classroom, but if overwhelming feelings happened, he could retreat to a more quiet location and do his work in solitary. He would even eat lunch in that place most days his first year doing this. By the time he was 11, he was more in the classroom than in the retreat room. And, he is now doing awesome in middles school's 7th grade. Do you guys have something like that??

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