Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How freaking weird are dreams? People who've known me for some time, will know that I often have very vivid, and often violent dreams. I've gone from fearing them, to being fascinated by them. Admittedly, I am still affected by the super bad ones, it's impossible not to be. I always want to use them for writing fodder, but so far, I haven't been able to capture them in the same vivid and realistic way I dream them. It's very frustrating.

I take notes on my phone when I wake in the night, I thought I'd share them with you for a chuckle (or a scream!)

A cult you can't escape, the murdered girls feet cut off and used as art on the wall serve as a warning for what happens to those that try to escape. Bloodied footprints appear down the hall, she walks among them still. Etc.

Every year a girl re-lives her date rape beating. She tries to stop the cycle of repetition by telling her friends the times and places so they can prevent it this time. Each year it changes by a small detail.

A flood is wreaking havoc. A new journo asks the premier at a press conference - "How will we know when the rain stops?" the premier looks dumbfounded and replies "what the hell? Look out the window!? Is that really the question you meant to ask??" "Err, no your honor (facepalm). It's just my first day..." And my last.

A school group is trudging through drains to an unknown destination. Familiar places look different. Is it a parallel world? A guy with a laser gun fries someones head off for getting out of line. They hand out immunity cards to a lucky few. They begin separating boys and girls. I make a boy go in my place, claiming he is a girl, I try to escape before the next car comes to take us who knows where? It's nowhere good.

"Like" a serial killers facebook page... and he comes visiting.

Hospital infections turn faces green. We learned their secret, now they are after us. A friend sacrifices herself so we can escape. we see the circular saw start as she shoves us out of the room, then we see the blood splatters across the door... and we run.

Evil spirits are following me, they right on the window in blood. Words like "gullible" and "useless" and "I'm coming" - I write back in the fogged up window - 'wanker' and everyone freaks that I am asking for it. I feel the spirit wrap around me and at first it tickles, then it tightens and it constricts my breathing. it chases me around the house. I try to shut it out, it pushes me off balance and shoves me around. It feels awful, and inescapable. Makes me anxious and panicked.

Hmm. Kind of a scary look into my mind. I'll have a psych team at my door any moment now! teehee!

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