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Thursday, August 4, 2011

My office needs a revamp. It's such a lovely space, yet I am not utilising it. I need to, and I need to "go to work" in there every day as though I were employed. It's a shambles at the moment. I am going to post some before photos, and then try to sort it out and get some ideas from all of you to transform it to some after photos I'll also take.

A note, the bed frame for my 4 post bed has to stay there, it doesn't fit up the stairs on in my funny shaped bedroom in this house (sob) and I refuse to put it out in the shed, so it has to stay. Anything else is negotiable, although, I kinda need the desk and chair ;)

My world map with colored pins for where I have been, and where I want to go, used to be on a cork board, but I thought I could make the corkboard some sort of inspiration board type thing with quotes, pictures and stuff that inspires me. Whatever that is.

Anyhoo. TMI. Here are my before photos, now what am I gonna do in here? Interior design wannabes HAAALLLPPP!!!!!!

Photo 1: bookshelf, old mini desk, pram (!?), and general crap...

Photo 2: My mess of a desk. Travel plan map, more general crap.

Photo 3: The other side of the room (opposite the 2 windows and bed frame). There are 2 cupboards for storage (also need sorting out); and the mantle over the fireplace which has Hendrix's ashes, and Keven's collar and their food bowls. My wee tribute to them. Oh, my masters is stuffed back there too. :/

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FeistyKel said...

I reckon that tribute needs candles. It's also got a photo collage of my nephew that died when he was 6. It's not depressing though, its kinda nice. I swear. :/

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