Happy 8th Birthday, Finn

Monday, August 8, 2011

I cannot believe 8 years has passed since I became a mother. How amazing is this experience? I feel so lucky that I can be a mother, and moreso, that I can be a mother to the amazing children I have.

Finn is a special kid. He has the mind of an adult, often. Which confuses his 8 year old mind to no end at times, I think. He is so compassionate, so empathetic, so kind and generous and giving. Often to his own detriment, but he doesn't care. He just wants people to be happy.

He is everything I hoped and more as a big brother to RJ. He dotes on her, loves her, and is proud of her. It makes me glow with happiness to see how he teaches her and looks out for her always.

He is fiercely smart. He has a brain for maths and science that I can't rival, and he reads way ahead of the norm. He wants to invent things, he wants to solve problems, and he wants to do it all wearing a superhero cape.

I am so proud of the boy he is. So proud of the personality, and the intelligence he possesses. My wish is that he can be proud of it too, he can be such a perfectionist, he always demands more from himself.

My darling heart, I cannot believe you are 8. You are my world now, as much as you were when you came into the world 8 years ago. I am so proud to be your Mama. I love watching you grow, learn and develop. When I went to America, I talked to you about our "invisible string" it attaches our hearts, and can lengthen and retract depending on our distance apart. It's unbreakable. It always will be, even when you're 16 and trying to shred it ;) I'm always with you, and always proud of you. I love you my mooey. No matter what.

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