Travel Snap Tuesday

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm talking about Seattle today. Seattle was a blip on my US trip, I was there for only a matter of hours really, probably less than 24. Enough to see the famous space needle (from a distance!) and spend some hours at Stevens hospital (a story for another day!)

But, there was something I experienced in Seattle that made it a massive stand out on my trip to the Pacific North-West. Two words: Beth's Cafe. This place was everything I ever guessed Seattle to be: Super, Uber, Cooool. You walk in and you really just think.. hmm.. greasy spoon diner. But take it in. The walls are covered in artwork that patrons have drawn. There are stick figures, detailed portraits, words of thought. It'd take you hours to peruse them all. It's like wallpaper.

What else is Beths known for? HUGE portions. Beth's was even on Man Vs Food for it's 12 egg omelette.

Yes, you read that right, TWELVE EGG OMELETTE. Can you even imagine?! Even the 6 egg is massive, and comes served atop a mountain of Beths hash browns. The coffee refills are frequent, and the staff are friendly. It makes for the coolest atmosphere. You've not experienced hip, until you've experienced Beths.

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Leila {Emerald City Girl} said...

If you ever come back I will give you an exclusive tour around the uber cool parts of Seattle. I can't believe I just used the word "uber" haha.

I love it here, its an amazing place. xx

Leila {Emerald City Girl} said...

P.S That photo was taken on the 520 near the exit to my house! :)

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