Travel Snap Tuesday

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This week I am going to talk flights! We may not be the furthest country from America, but it's one hell of a flight. It is the 24th longest non-stop flight in the world, according to Wiki. Add to that, I have to fly from Melbourne to Sydney first, and it is one hell of a long day. It's a 14 hour non-stop haul from Sydney to the US. At times, it feels like the little map on the telly of the plane crossing the ocean is going backwards. It's a long time cramped in a wee airline seat.

This is the line for a pat down. JOY. Shoes off, metals out, laptop out, pat down. Security hard core. I suck at keeping myself amused on long flights, as it turns out. I watched some of the movie, tried to sleep, tried to read... It sucks.

What are your tips for long haul flights? What are your must have travel take alongs?

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Little Miss Moi said...

I am lucky, I can sleep on flights. However travelling with the Sprog means that we just concentrate on getting her to sleep so we can read / watch movies etc.

14 hours is long - that's about Bangkok to London - the last three hours were really painful when I did that flight.

Mr Moi came back to Australia for the Sprog's birth direct from Ukraine - 36 hours and four flights. He was not in a good state when he arrived in Brisbane at 6.30am. And then I dragged him off to an all day ante-natal class. Oh and it was his 30th birthday.

(that makes me sound like a really bad wife, hey?)

FeistyKel said...

LOL The question is, did he retain anything he learned that day??? I'd have been in a haze!! I need jetlag tips too, that thing is a bitch!

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