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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Too much, really. But I do. I love the process of cooking, too. I recently asked a vegan friend for some of her recipes. I don't know that I am capable of being vegan (cheese, chocolate...) but I really want to at least try and cut meat from my diet as much as possible. Anyway, this week I tried 2 of her recipes. I have to say, they surprised the hell out of me. Tasty is an understatement. They were divine. I love chickpeas at the best of times, so I loved the recipe that featured those. Then she introduced me to quinoa.

I cooked it up, looked at it and thought. Hmm. Really? Doesn't LOOK like it's going to be thrilling. It was amazing. The recipe was a stuffing mix for roasted capsicums, but I could have eaten just it by the bowlful. Why did I now know this before??? The same friend sent me a 3rd recipe this week. With her current strike rate, there is no way I'll be passing it up! Who needs meat?!

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