Fave Flicks Friday

Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm such a movie buff, so I love Mez'x idea of a Fave Flicks Friday. Check it out over at her blog Days Like These... and join in the fun!

My all time favorite movie in the history of ever, is Stardust.

It's based on a novel by Neil Gaiman, and is a beautiful love story. I'm not normally a fantasy realm kinda gal, but the storyline of this had me captured, the descriptions of love and what it feels like to finally find the real deal had me goosebumpy. I just love it. Tristan is a dream, and Yvaine is a feisty, passionate star. Perfection!

My other rec for this week, is Black Swan.

I know it's relatively new, and probably not on DVD yet, but when you can watch it, do so. It seems to me, people came out of this movie either loving it or scratching their heads and saying WTF? I loved it. I love the imagery, I love the psychology, and the questions, and I love that some of Nina's psychotic visions are things that could easily have come straight from my nightmares and my brain. It was really cool to see what could be done with the stuff in my head. Beautifully artistic, this movie is definitely joining my top movies list.

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Sharolyn said...

Have been meaning to see Black Swan so thanks for the recommendation :)

Phil Rezanow said...

Yvaine kinda reminds me of another feisty, passionate star I know...

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