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Friday, April 15, 2011

I have watched zero movies this week. Unless you count endless Wiggles & Pixar DVD's. Which I don't. Ohhh school holidays. The last DVD I watched, was The Social Network.

And I loved it, Zuckerberg is an ass you can't help but admire. Quite a conundrum. And Reznor's score was absolutely deserving of it's Oscar win. Loved it. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

Another film from my "All Time Favourites" list this week, and it goes to good Will Hunting.

Can you believe this movie is now 14 years old!? Wow I feel old now. I love Matt Damon, I love that he and Affleck wrote this themselves, I love the psychology in it, and love the storyline. "I gotta see about a girl..." <3

Fave Flicks Friday comes to you from Mez's blog over at Days Like These, go read and join in!

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Mezhead said...

Hey!Loved Social Network, scary resemblence between Zuckerberg and Jesse. I've popped the link up! xxx

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