Post Palooza. Part 3.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sunday... Home time :(

Waking up on Sunday was a painful experience. I think the first words from my mouth were "are you still drunk?" and Fleur replied "yep." It took a while for the room to stop spinning. The headache and sickly feeling lasted far longer. We took stock of the night before, realized how much we spent, cringed at how intoxicated we were, and despaired at the far too early checkout time of 10am. It was so hard to get up, shower, and pack up. Fleur summed it up best: "This must be what Lindsay Lohan feels like every day."

At 10am, we were almost ready, but still packing the last of our gear up. The phone rang and Anna answered. The person said it was reception and we needed to be out NOW. Anna was apologising and freaking out when the caller started to laugh. And that pretty much sums Michelle up perfectly. Shes a ratbag. I've known Michelle for almost 10 years or so. We met online, and stayed friends through so much. Both of us had a lot of trouble getting pregnant, and we bonded over it (and our mutual feisty) to become really close mates. I was so excited to finally meet her in person after so long. And she was more awesome than I expected.

Chelle had volunteered to be our chauffeur for the day, and she drove us to yum cha where we were meeting up with some of our closest and oldest mates. There was 10 of us (11 including cardboard Megs who finally got out of the hotel room and saw some of Sydney). Dear friends who had shared my IVF journey (and I their own struggles): Sarah, Erin, Siew, Jo, Mez, Nat, and Chelle. Yum Cha was a scary prospect so hungover, but it actually went down really well. So yummy! And it was great to meet these girls in person, and hang out as friends. I miss them already. Whilst i was hungover and quiet (for me!) I valued that time so much. It was not enough. I really hope they follow through on the idea of coming down to Melbourne for their own palooza later this year.

We then took Megs about the city, being photographed with a random street performer and so on. I think real Megs enjoyed our attempts to include her in our adventures. We wanted her to come so much, and she was missed. This was the best we could do! Chelle dropped us off at the airport, and we checked our bags and far more subdued than our flight to Sydney, we flew home. I napped a little on the plane, but it took me well over a week to recover from the weekend properly. I'm old!

So that was palooza. One of THE best weekends I've experienced. Photos coming next post! We have made a pact to make it an annual event, so... we'll be back! Until then, we are already planning Megs bday bash next month. Sure to feature are Japanese food, burning the floor, and drinking. Oh la!!!!

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