US trip, part 2.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I am currently planning my second trip to the states. One year ago (almost exactly) I went to San Francisco (and, very briefly, Seattle and Portland). It was a fabulous trip, and I am looking forward to going back over. I never thought the USA would be top of my international places to see list, but nevertheless. It's certainly a good start to travel rather than it being foreign speaking as well.

So, refining my plans I have come up with the below rough itinerary.

May 14 leave here. I get there May 14 thanks to time changes.
14-18 May = LA
18-19 May = Las Vegas
19-23 May = New York
23rd I fly home via LA. Flight leaves late. I get home on the 25th May.

These are my plans:
universal studios (maybe)
chinese mann theatre/ celebrity hands in concrete
celebrity stars walk
hollywood sign
venice beach
Beverly hills? (maybe)
baseball game - already have tickets to a Dodgers V Milwaukee game.

The strip
Bellagio Fountains
Red Rock Canyon

New York
Central park (maybe a carriage ride)
Broadway show (Thinking 'The Lion King' at this stage)
Ground zero
Empire state building/Top Of The Rock views
Times square
Statue of Liberty.

What am I missing? Anything else I must see that I haven't got on the list yet? I have little to no interest in Disneyland, does that make me a wee bit odd?! I suspect to fit things in, I may need to skip sleep altogether for 2 weeks. :/


Al_Pal said...

Avoiding Disneyland is the sane thing to do, IMO. One would have to be a Disney fanatic, or expensive-carnival-rides fanatic, to go without children. I went a few times growing up, but I'd so much rather see things of historic interest. [eg Mann theater]
I like Venice Beach. It's my sort of place, more than most of L.A.: artists, hippies, street performers, food and funky clothing. ;p

FeistyKel said...

I'm glad I am not the only one to give Disney the cold shoulder! I can't wait to get over there! < 2 months to go...

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