Sons & Daughters

Friday, March 18, 2011

No, not that dodgy old TV soap show.

Two friends recently commented that they had heard that "you don't know what love is until you have a daughter." These friends were understandably bugged by the comment, since both have sons.

In my experience, it's different, but neither is 'better.' I was thinking about this just yesterday, when I was watching RJ race around the school yard. I am so much looking forward to our relationship over the years. I expect a lot of rocky patches, mostly because I know what I was like growing up, but I am sure we'll get through it. She already insists on sharing my nail polishes, moisturisers and so on. It's good fun, and I know that over the years, it will be an interesting to and fro between us of emotions and compatibility.

In a different way, my relationship with Finn is super special. He is far more affectionate than RJ is. I'm not sure if that is a boy/girl thing so much as his personality, but I know he will always take care of his old Mama. He's sweet, and giving, and considerate. I expect over time, whilst we may not have as much in common in terms of activities, I think our minds are similar, and we'll always have plenty to relate and discuss.

I love them both, obviously, but they truly are incomparable, so I am unsure how someone could make a statement like this. Unless she only HAS daughters...

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