Palooza photo post

Thursday, March 3, 2011

As promised! This is the view of Hyde Park from the balcony of our room. One day, we saw a guy sleeping down in the park for ages, until some old guy came and got close in his face and woke him and they talked for ages then left together. We couldn't decide if it was a homeless guy and a case worker, or a seedy proposition... Either way, it was intriguing.

This is the jetboat we rode on. So much fun! So much water. Goodbye Kelly's good sleek hair. :/

Obligatory Harbour Bridge shot.

Obligatory Opera House shot. Both taken at Circular Quay.

Fleur, Kell, and Anna - all soaked through after the jetboat ride.

See? Seriously, there was a body painted Native at Westfields in Bondi. I know!!!!

Ohhh yessss. First of many shots for the night.

"Shake whatcha Mama gave you!"

Cardboard Megs gets fresh...

Group shot after yum cha. Including cardboard Megs.

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