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Friday, March 11, 2011

I realised I'll never be a 'successful' blogger. I admire those who are, but in looking at the content of those blogs, I couldn't do it. I don't want to do it. I want to write about the boring (yet fascinating to me!) shit that goes on in my life. I want to swear when I am passionate. i want to tell stories of life and the funny, strange rambling that goes on in my head. I don't want to plug products all the time, I don't want to run giveaways. I don't want to be a virtual magazine.

This is a good thing, I can stop worrying about readership and stats and popularity and public eyes. I can just write my crap and amuse myself. Writing for the love of writing. Blogging because I want to, and it's fun. It makes me happy! Why do you blog? Blogging is a big business in some countries (helloooo America!) - especially the whole 'Mommy blogger' thing. It's likely to take off more and more in Australia. Do you want in? What are your reasons for blogging, I'd love to know!


Bec said...

I'm slowly getting there myself. Besides clearly not being a 'mummy' blogger, I don't want to do giveaways and be 'sponsored'. It would destroy the entire reason my blog exists - to be mine. Whatever I want to say, however I say it. But then again, who knows - maybe I will change my mind.

But certainly for now, my blog is for me - my online diary, somewhere I can say exactly how I feel.

Nat xo said...

I'm the same, occasionally I look at my very sad followers list (in terms of numbers, not the gorgeous people) and feel rejected. Than I remember, I started this for me. To help me. To give me some me time. And honestly, thats all it will ever be

thisthatandeverythingelse said...

I am one of the annoying ones that has giveaways etc lol BUT I do it because I love to give. :)
My blog is about what is going on in our lives mostly but also about things I love. Thats my main blog though. My second blog is however my sexual abuse recovery one which much is hidden and its for me and those who need it.
Either way I dont care how many people read my blog and I usually dont even notice the numbers and I have 2 subscribers lol
So I blog for me and occasionally I give away things to share the love. I wish I was a better writer to write something worthwhile though.

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