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Monday, June 18, 2012

Friends are the one constant in my life the past few years. Ups and downs, lovers come and go, life is chaotic and stormy, but right there, right there are my friends always.

This week it was one of my best friends 30th birthdays. 30 is a big one, but I found it a fabulous one and I know she will too. It's just good to be in your thirties. Just is. Trust me! I was devastated to miss her celebration, I spent 2.5 days in bed this week unwell, this weird stomach of mine gives me some interesting trouble sometimes. But anyway, I wrote this for her:

For Fleur.

You make me smile, every time I see your beautiful face.
You inspire me to be a better person, inside and out.
You have the sweetest heart,
Yet the most devilish mind.
The perfect combination.

You are: wise, intelligent, and witty.
You make me feel I matter. To the world.
I know that almost always, 
Far more goes on under the surface,
Than you ever let show. 

But you cannot hide from me.
That's what makes you my best friend.
You know my heart, I know yours, too.
So much goodness is going to come your way,
So deserved, my darling heart. I love you.

I have another friend, you might know of her, she goes by the name Fat Mum Slim. Many of you would read Telle's blog, and many more again would join in her Photo A Day challenges that are taking quite literally - the world - by storm. I've seen celebrities joining in, writers, musicians, and so many of us that enjoy her prompts. It's very cool. I've known Telle a while now. I watched her start her blog, watched her cultivate it, watched her readership and support grow. And my heart blossomed for her. You see, Chantelle is a funny girl. She has this amazing quality that few people I have come across have, it's like an inner light, a self love and awareness that I strive for. She would likely shrug it off and tell me she's as insecure as the rest of us. Maybe. But she still has this amazing heart, and it shines from inside out. Telle's starting a new chapter in her life shortly, I cannot help knowing it will be a success. It's who she is. Who she will always be. She's authentic. That's why.

Then there's Jess that I mentioned the other week, who I talk to almost all day every day, who motivates me to write. Ez who is my cheerleader, Anna who would kick anyones arse if they hurt me, Nat my soul mate, Vik and Christie my vegan pioneers, and so many others... I am SO lucky. I really am. I am surrounded by so much inspiration and support. I need nothing else. All you need is love. And friendships are the best kind of love.


Chantelle {fat mum slim} said...

Oh! Way to make my teary! Thanks for believing in me, when I'm so scared and excited and need to believe in myself most.

Thank you for constantly inspiring me and being in my personal cheer squad. I hope you know I'm always here cheering you on too! Always. xx

Lib said...

Oh what a lovely post Kell!!

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