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Monday, June 4, 2012

Vegan food makes me SO happy! I love creating, I love using new ingredients, I love using new cooking methods, I love new tastes, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE being anti violence, anti cruelty, and compassionate! It truly makes me so happy. Here are my latest successes in the kitchen!

This is a vegan caramel slice. The base is made with flour, nuttelex and sugar. The filling is nuttelex and soy condensed milk, and the top is sweet william chocolate. This was SO freaking good. drooool.

This is my vegie pie. Mushrooms, peas, carrots, in gravy and wrapped in vegan puff pastry.

Mock chicken nuggets (redwoods vegideli brand) with a greek salad and cheezly cheese.

Cashew and vegetable curry. Potato was an odd addition, loved fresh tomato in it.

Soy milk, banana, maple syrup and tahini shake. TO DIE FOR.

I love having vegan alternatives on hand to make awesome Mexican. Using cheezly and tofutti sour cream, these bean burritos were mad good.

Curry before...

And after! Kids loved this too. 

Making vegan biscuits. Oats, dried fruits, agave syrup, coconut, chia seeds, banana, apple puree, wholemeal flour... 

Mixed up.


Lunch! Cucumber and tomato slices with vegan mayo, garlic slices and dill weed on toasted soy and linseed helga thins... Yummeh!

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