Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I feel alive, I feel that familiar burning in my fingertips, it's an itch. It means WRITE, and don't stop!

It's been ages since I wrote anything that really motivated and inspired me like this. In fact, the first time I have ever felt it like this. I have this mental block about word counts, they scare me terribly. Is there a way to turn off my word doc at the bottom of my screen? So that I can only see it if I manually go Tools, Word Count... ?

Anyway, as I just said on twitter - of all my pieces of crap, this is now the longest. Longer than my masters thesis story, longer than anything else I have ever written and what is exciting is that I know it's not over yet, there is still so much to fill in, still so much to write. It's kind of exciting! Of course, this only makes up about 18% of what I need to get to. But. Still. :/

It's funny how that passion feels. Yes I am passionate about books, about animal rights and infertility and loyalty and friends and family... But the action of doing it, that is what makes life fun to live. I need to disappear into their world and tell their story. It's screaming at me to do so and it's a wonderful sound.

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