The Tea Party - Intimate gig

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I've mentioned The Tea Party a few times on this blog. They are the band that taught me what music can do. What it should do. Before them, I liked music and it was great, but hearing them showed me that music can actually move you. I'm sure you've heard people say that before but have you ever really felt it?  I don't mean "wow, good song, I can move to this" - I mean, my eyes are closed and I don't know where I am because this music consumes me, hits my soul, and literally transports me to another plane. That's what these guys do. THAT is what musicians can do, what true, raw talent can do.

On April 26th, I was lucky enough to score a guest list spot for an intimate, unadvertised promo gig at the Cherry Bar in Melbourne. Just a handful of contest winners, friends, and associated press and so on were in the bar for a fantastic performance of just a few songs to whet the appetite for the bands upcoming tour in July.

You must understand that this band broke up. I thought I would never see them again live and they move me like nothing else ever has so to be in amongst this group, hearing that music again absolutely melted my soul. I closed my eyes and I could not stop smiling. They're back. I almost wept with joy!

Below are links to two performances from that night. You can hear the talent, you can see the skill and you can envy we few who were lucky enough to be there! Next month, the band kick off their Reformation Tour in Melbourne and you can bet your arse I will be there. I only wish I were rich enough to fly around Australia for each and every gig to make the most of the opportunity!! Do yourself a favor, get yourself some tickets. They're also promoting a live double album that they will record whilst out there. You can score a download and some awesome extra items by pledging to help them make it (and to donate to the Steve Hoffman Fund for Cancer Research. Vinyl people! VINYL!

Now listen and be moved...

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