Random thoughts on our young women/ Challenging the stereotype of drunken men.

Monday, July 25, 2011

What's up with the young women of today? You go into the childrens clothing section of any major department store and for girls as young as 5 and 6 there are mini skirts and navel flashing shirts. Really?? Do we really need to sexualise them so young? I know I sound old saying this... but, when *I* was a preteen, holding hands and peck kisses were a massive deal. We weren't skanky and trying to win the approval of guys in skimpy clothes and promises of sexual attention. What is going on??

In fact, this growing notion of disempowerment in favor of male approval infiltrates so many areas of pop culture that it's no wonder young women behave this way more often. I read the Twilight series. I read a similar series recently, minus vampires, add in angels. In both of these, the female protagonist is a simpering, ditzy, twit, who will give up her own beliefs, wants and strength, all "for love." Seriously? Where the hell are strong female young women who tell a guy that does them wrong to bugger off? Who have chutzpah and self respect and value themselves?? I worry about raising a daughter in our current society. I hope that she has more guts than the common portrayal of a 'popular' and/or loved teenager.


Whilst I am on stereotypes and the like, I wanted to challenge one. What do you think of when you imagine a drunk guy? Do you think creepy, sleazy, violent or gross?? That's what we are led to think right? That's the common image presented to us by media most of the time.

I disagree. Strongly. Every time my friends and I have had a night on the town in the last year, we have encountered a huge number of drunk guys. None of us have ever found them to be anything other than friendly, fun, and happy. I went out last Saturday night, I spoke to a few drunk guys and had some good chats. Many others would courteously allow me past with a smile and a step back. Some would randomly hug me without speaking a word as they made their way through the crowd. Clearly drunken behaviour, but lovely all the same. Those who flirted did so without being pushy or rude. When we left, a group of guys gave up their cab so that we could put our drunken friend in first and get her home safely. That's gentlemanly. It's generous and its kind. It gives me hope. Give the 'drunk guy' label a change. I think it's surprisingly and happily wrong in most cases.


What do you think of these issues? Let me know with a comment.


Mrs J said...

Hhhmmm.... maybe the mistake I made was to marry a guy who doesn't drink - perhaps he wouldn't have been so emotionally stunted LOL but yeah it is nice that there are still men who can be happy, flirty drunks.

As for the skimpy clothing, it is a definite problem. I am gobsmacked at the range of lingerie style underwear that is marketed to pre-teens in the UK, especially the Playb** brand. I think I've even seen padded bikini tops in some stores? Why??? Why should a pre-pubescent girl have that kind of thing marketed to her at all *shakes head*

FeistyKel said...

Yeah I saw PB was marketing to younguns. its fucking wrong.

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