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Thursday, July 28, 2011

So, since I launched my ebook on amazon, I've had some fantastic feedback. Most feel the emotion in my writing strongly, which is really a good feeling as a writer, to affect. That is my entire goal, it's good to know I am achieving it. I got to tired of reading, re reading, editing, re writing the same pieces that by the time I hit publish, none of them appealed to me personally anymore. A little space from them will be good for me, so I can love them again in the future. It's scary putting your work out there like that. Knowing people will read it and likely forever think differently of you, good or bad, one way or another. It's scary putting something you agonize over in the public arena for critique. But it is also empowering and exciting. I definitely felt a thrill seeing my name up there as Author.

Thank you for all the feedback. Again, I have yet to work on a one click paypal download order. If you would like to get a copy and don't have amazon (kindle or iphone/android apps), then by all means send me an email at and I can invoice you $4.70AUD via paypal and send you the download manually once payment is received. In the meantime, I am continuing to write a longer novel. I keep finding myself starting new projects and not finishing others. It's time to get disciplined!

Happy reading :)

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Phil Rezanow said...

I have a Kindle copy, but I would love to also someday own a print copy. If you ever decide to have prints done, of anything you write, let me know. I would be honored to have your work on my bookshelf.

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