Choosing Life, month 2

Friday, July 1, 2011

As I mentioned close to a month ago in this entry, I planned a new outlook on my life. I've certainly been pretty self reflective this month. My blog entries have been kind of strange as a result. It's good though, because it's giving me the opportunity to track my thoughts and processes.

Two weeks ago, I spoke of setting goals, and I wanted to update on that. Given it's only been 7 weeks since I went overseas, there has been little progress on the travel plans. Sure has not stopped me dreaming, though. I also had an extremely talented friend, Emma, from Little Cherry Tree Designs (who designed this blog for me) take some of my travel snaps from my NYC visit and tinker with them. Next week, I am getting them enlarged and printed up for my walls. I cannot wait. This is one of the pics...

Love it. Great mementoes from the trip too. Each time I see the pics, I will be reminded of all those fabulous memories!

Writing, I have not written a word. Sigh. I don't know where to begin so I just don't begin. I need to choose ONE project, and complete it, regardless of any other ideas or doubts. I just need to do it, my greatest problem is motivation, I get overwhelmed and I just don't. I need to address this.

I did buy an enlarger and film camera off ebay, and will continue to stock up on dark room fittings until I have something usable. It's fun sourcing the items, and I need to take a class as well I think. I need to take a class on this, language classes, and dog training classes... Need more time!

I have been making plans with friends, too. Gold class movies, wild alcohol fuelled nights, and seeing my favourite band are all in my near future.

Very slowly, I am getting a grip on what I need and want and getting it all in order. I feel like a child learning at the moment. Who knew I was such a stranger to myself?

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