Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The other night I was doing my usual ramble of tweets on twitter about my life. I was feeling I had gone backwards, rather than forwards in the past 12 months, and felt lonely and sad. I then decided I needed a dose of perspective and reminded myself that actually, I have an awful lot in my life to be happy about. Health, the health of my family and friends, my children, writing, books, travel, and some of the most amazing friends you could find.

I am a self admitted control freak. I have to plan my life, I need to know what is coming, I rely on lists, and plans and organization for everything. I need to learn that sometimes, it's okay to NOT know. To have no plan. Seems obvious, right? not to this control freak it wasn't. I need to let go, and stop craning to see my future, and just be content to keep my head down and watch where each foot falls right now.

To just be.

I am starting to look for the happy in lifes small moments. Things such as no bills in the mail, a plan to see friends, an idea for my writing. These were my first three items for that day. The next, it was blackberry crunch muffins, pretty dresses and evil (in the best way!) friends.

Today, I am happy for warm clothes and heating on a freezing winters day, for my new kindle (and endless books!) and for hot meat pies.

Each day, I am going to tweet the 3 things that bring me a small dose of happiness every day. I am going to be more aware of these things so that I can begin to notice them more, so that I can enjoy every moment of my life, not just the someday's. I CHOOSE LIFE. I choose to live every day and find joy in it. This is my plan. I'll blog on it often. Join me if you will?


Phil Rezanow said...

I'll join you.

Kate said...

Love this!! I'm a control freak too, it's so. very. hard. to let go of but sometimes your hand is forced.

Looking forward to your happy tweets :)

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