Saturday, June 11, 2011

I spoke a lot last entry about choosing happiness in small things, and learning to live in the moment, rather than waiting for 'Some Day' to come. This morning I read a great article on exactly this. It is called: "7 reasons to be happy even if things are not perfect right now." It came from the Tiny Buddha website, a site which had me glued this morning to all kinds of brilliant articles after a friend linked a particularly relevant piece on facebook (Thanks Diane!)

It fits my current philosophy in life spot on at the moment. It's not an easy practice to engage in, but I can already feel the value in it. So, today I am enjoying the edamame and wine my BFF gifted me, the remaining glow of having babysat her twin boys last night, a peaceful afternoon with my kindle, and a feeling of contentment that right now, in this moment, I am doing my best to make what I can from life. It's been an extremely rough and traumatic week, and I've struggled to stay positive with some pretty serious hurt going on. Still, I'm determined to do my best.

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Lib said...

Kel, I saw your link to the tiny buddah site.....I too have spent a lot of time there today <3

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