Parallel lines

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Do you ever feel your life is almost where it should be, but perhaps not quite? I often feel as though I am hovering over a shadow. That shadow is where I ought to be, but I'm not quite aligned.

I get this sense a lot. I think of things like... If I were meditating more, if I were eating vegan more, these are true to my "real" life. So why aren't I doing these things? Well, no good reason. I forget. I get lazy. I tend to wait for life to sort itself out rather than actively making things happen.

I feel mostly chaotic and not quite in control of life. I've mentioned this before. Sometimes I get it right and I feel like my lines all match up to the shadow life. I guess I keep trying. I want to be that authentic me. It takes effort and that doesn't mean it's not natural either.

Rather philosophical tonight, am I not?!

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