The Creating Vegan!

Monday, April 30, 2012

I can't cook. Wait, I can cook, but I can't create meals, I need recipes. And I don't adjust them - I just cook them to instruction every time.

No more!!! Look what I did last night!! I created a vegan recipe and it was soooo omnomnom you can't even believe it! How exciting!

I need a name for these suckers now, droolworthy vegan food comin up.

First, I cooked some minced fresh garlic in a bit of olive oil, then I added a leftover (fridge temp) baked potato, a couple of chopped mushrooms, and chopped leaves of a bunch of pak choy.

Once that had withered, I added about 1/2c of lentils and a good dollop of toffuti better than cream cheese, salt and pepper, and mixed it all up, before letting it cool.

Whack it on some puff pastry (each sheet cut into 4 squares, I used 2 sheets), fold them into triangles, and spray with a bit of canola oil.

Into the oven (about 160 degrees celsius) til browned. YUMMEH!

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