No more meat! Ever!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Did a wee food experiment yesterday. I had some prawns in the freezer that needed to be gone. I love prawns, you see. I decided to cook them up and eat them - for a few reasons. To see how I felt afterward emotionally and physically primarily. Plus, I wanted to eat the prawns. They're tasty.

It went as I expected. First, I could hardly stand to eat them because they are not vegan. And they are not 'true' to how I feel about food now. I didn't enjoy them on that mental level at all anymore. Secondly, they hurt my stomach. I have some trouble with some foods with my tiny tummy, but since switching to plant based foods, I have not had anywhere near the issues, nor to anywhere near the extent I do when I eat animals. This hurt my stomach, it caused a horrible slimy mucusy situation that made me want to vomit for a long time after I stopped eating. I haven't felt like that since eating plants. I had forgotten about it (and remembered in a hurry let me tell you). Fascinating.

It's nice for me to know that, aside from all the psychological and intellectual reasons I did this, my body is in full agreeance. Meat is not my friend. It certainly affirmed that my decision would make me happier on every level. Never again.

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Lib said...

One of the things I can't possibly stomach anymore is prawns. Weird so very weird. But they always make me sick :(

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