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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Written 26 May 2007

So, I am writing. And writing some more... For uni, I have done a few creative pieces, 2 major ones that I am mostly happy with, but not thrilled. They have potential, I think, but they are not at a level where I am wholly satisfied.
Nevertheless. They are necessarily short ones, 3000 words-ish. But it is important to me that I get something of decent length finished. I am obsessed by that bloody word count function. I use it all the time, am I there yet? Am I there yet? I know I have to get something of at LEAST 50,000 words and preferably 100,000 before I can call it a real deal manuscript. I have 8000. arghhhh! So very very far to go.
It wont be publishable but thats not the point at the moment, the point is to practice the craft and to get something - ANYTHING - finished! It will come. I know it will. Having a Vertical Horizon music phase at the moment. And Jeff Buckley's death anniversary is Tuesday, so whack on Grace or Sketches and remember....

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