Football, aussie style.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Isn't he a spunk? I am really not, for the most part, a girl who gets into football. But how can one resist an Irish lad like Tadhg? Yesterday I went to the Swans v Hawthorn game with J, my sister and her fiancee. Geez we had a good time! They were drinking and I was DD, which basically meant I got to sit still while they were up and down for drinks and toilet breaks!
It gets a bit exciting at a game and I was finding it really funny that as we got into the 3rd and 4th quarters, people were getting fiestier faster and in greater volume. I guess they too were more alcohol fueled by then! And geez people get fired up at the footy!!!! Far out! The pride involved is amazing. Has anyone researched this because I found it so interesting that people could get SO into football, like they were an extension of the team and that it reflected on them personally if the team lost.
And the poor umpires, why would you? They can't do anything right by anyone! The abuse they cop is sort of funny. And why do people go if they are only going to whinge and clearly not enjoy themselves? The guy behind me spent the entire game complaining "that they don't play real footy anymore, they piss fart around, its not good to watch anymore, give me a country game anyday..." - seriously dude, if you don't like it, then why the hell are you paying money to BE here? Wanker!
Also, still trying to work out why there was someone in front of us with a west coast flag, wrong game man, not even close! Was a great time though, my sister is hilarious, she and I spent the game cracking jokes and giggling madly, I think the guy in front thought we were a little nuts, he kept turning and smiling at us indulgently, which only made us giggle louder. Besides, he had a WC flag so he was clearly unstable in many ways. An expensive day, a (large, given) cup of beer was $6 and bourbon was $8. Of course it helped I was not drinking but those 3 spent heaps. J and I are feeling rich after his payout of leave when he finished work last week so we grabbed some merchandise and stuff too, why not eh?!
Its nice too, to spend a day out with one another, minus the boy. We adore that kid, but its nice to do something for us too without needing to tend to him, need to do more of that I reckon. Yes, great day, only disappointment was that the whole attraction for me and my sister, the spunky Tadhg Kennelly, was off in the first MINUTE with an injury. We offered a rubdown but sadly, it was refused. More luck next time.

P.S. It shows how into the game itself I was that I forgot to say - WE WON!

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