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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Written 12 February 2007

I found an obscure site that was updating results as they were decided, and the entire time I was thinking... what a statement would be made if the Dixie Chicks were able to win Album of the year, or even better, completely scoop the lot.

I got more and more vocal, because that is exactly what happened! Producer of the year (non classical), Best Country Album, Best Country Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group, and the 3 big ones - Best Song (writer), Best Record and Best Album.

I am not a country fan, in fact was not even a huge chicks fan (J was) until their statement and the ensuing bullshit that came from it... End last year we saw them live and they are just brilliant, I was a convert.

The shit that they copped for what was essentially not even that provocative was astounding. I am still waiting for Shut Up And Sing to screen here. Freedom Of Speech is supposed to be what America was all about, yet they were targetted, and people tried to destroy them, their careers and all they had worked for, all because they were ashamed to be from texas like that moron George Bush (moron comment my own!)...

How sweet this must be for them. How validating. How deserved! Woot!!!!!

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