Taking risks

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Are you a risk taker? I would have always thought I am reasonably so, but maybe age is getting to me. Recently, J was promoted and has offered for me to continue staying at home, and when the boy is of school age in 18months, to stay home and pursue my writing properly. I feel a bit guilty about the prospect, though I would love to take him up on it. How generous he is, he tells me he thinks I have talent and that he believes in me, god love him.

Thing is, I also want to contribute financially, and I am not sure that as a writer, I will cut it. Its so unlikely, so rare that one is published when you consider how many actually WANT to be. I have faith in myself, to an extent, but geez it calls for a big leap. Not sure I can do it! What prompted this post, was the receipt of a present in the mail from the stunning Marisa. She sent me a beautiful pen, with a card saying she believed in me and had loved reading the short stories I have written. How beautiful a thing is that to do for someone? What a fantastic friend!

I think that I will, in the hope that one day I can return the support and belief in J's dreams. Down the track, when I am old, will I remember the material things I could have acquired? Or will I remember that I took and gamble and went for a dream I have had since I was 12 years old???

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