Happy 9th Finn xx

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I was just reading an old journal of mine...

They lifted him straight onto my tummy and I burst into tears and just said "my darling boy.. oh my god..." and then i said "it IS a boy isnt it?!" It was and Josh cut the cord. Josh and i just looked at each other and at this squeaky little creature. They suctioned a bit of fluid from his mouth and he crid a bit but my god... he was just beautiful. Looking up at us.. words cant describe how i felt at that moment. So happy and in love and relieved and thrilled. All of that and more. We were in awe completely...

Who would believe that was nine years ago today? 9 YEARS. It has gone so fast. This child of mine, he is amazing. He is sensitive, sweet, kind and so generous. He is smart and funny, and he has the most divine heart. He could change this world. The world is so much better off for having him in it. I cannot believe he is mine, that I am responsible for such an amazing child. I don't know how. I take no credit, it's just who he is.

Before him, I was just me, just Kelly. After, I became Mama. A whole new element to my being, and one I cherish every single day. As he gets older, we relate in new ways. We still have that closely connected almost freakish bond, but instead of it being purely emotion based, he can now articulate things, and it takes on an even cooler dimension.

He is a lot like his dad, in nature, and in personality. For example he is mad on Dr Who and Star Wars. I totally claim the Harry Potter obsession, though! He is great at maths and can read something stellar. I cannot imagine where he will end up someday, all I know is the world is his oyster. He can easily do anything he wants to. His talents are so broad.

I absolutely adore him, my darling mooey. Proud doesn't begin to describe it. So much love on your birthday moo, I love you. ALWAYS. No matter what.

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Kylez...aka...MrsP said...

Beautiful post! Happy Birthday to your gorgeous boy!

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