Screw you, cancer!

Friday, July 27, 2012

An update for you on my dearest Lea. I have good news people! Post chemotherapy and Leanne has just had a bunch of tests which have shown... duh duh duh dunnnnn - NO CANCER!!!! She's cancer free! How awesome is that?! So thrilled. What a fighter huh? What an enormous inspiration and so incredibly lucky that she found it early enough to fully treat, given that's really rare with ovarian cancer.  Take THAT cancer!!!

So, out of all of this has come something super amazing. The "Let's ova-run cancer" fundraising auction. All proceeds are going to Ovarian Cancer Australia, and it was all inspired by Leanne. Her amazing friends wanted to do something to help, since there was nothing they could do for Leanne herself, they tackled the next best thing. Funds for more research and earlier diagnoses tools.

The auction has taken off! Over one hundred items are up for bids, starting July 31. The auction will last for a week so there is plenty of time to get a bid in (and up it as needed to win, naturally!) It's happening on facebook here. Some of the items you can grab a bargain on include signed football and rugby jerseys, photography shoots, wine, an iPad, kids clothing and toys, jewellery, you name it, it's in there. Go and have a look, make a bid, win some stuff. Assuming you can beat me, of course. :P


Debyl said...

Great news about Lea.Hope the auction raises more than hoped for.Xx

Emma said...

Fantastic news!! So happy for Leanne and her family!

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