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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Transitioning to vegan eating is an ongoing challenge for me. I don't miss meat or eggs, or even milk, but some dairy based products and cheese are my downfall at this point. Substitutions are often costly, and hard to source rurally. So for now, I plan a fortnights meals and try to make them predominantly vegan, with a smattering of vegetarian amongst them (ie with cheese) and it's good progress. 

This fortnights meals are: 

Chickpea, marinated vegetable and feta salad
Vegetarian lasagne (I wanted one without eggplant, not an aubergine fan so it's zucchini based)
Fattoush salad
Refried bean tacos
Thai green vegetable curry
Vegetarian burgers (still trying various recipes to find the best)
Leek, potato and feta puff pastry pizzas
Green bean and chickpea sesame salad
Gratin dauphinoise w wild mushys and salad (a permanent fixture these days - vegan win)
Chilli sans carne
Asparagus, broccoli and cheese pasta
Vegetable and peanut salad
Spiced onion naan with lentil salad
Cauliflower and chickpea curry

I get these recipes from cookbooks, from the web, all over the place. Rarely are they my own creations.  I've been thinking that my diet needs some work. Given I can eat so little these days, I need to be really far more aware at what I am eating. Lunch ideas came down to half sandwiches with varied toppings - 

grain bread
sprouts avocado hummus cucumber
lettuce tomato cheese corn relish
pineapple cheese lettuce
capsicum tomato cucumber olives feta
cream cheese, carrot, raisins

And better breakfasts wouldn't hurt either. Enough junk. More water. The obvious... Anything catch your eye for a meat free meal? :) 

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