Farewell, shitty October.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How's your week going? This week has been a painful one for me. I was supposed to have a special visitor this week, it was going to be a perfect trip, and it fell apart. It's painful. today I feel that awful sort of tired/worn/flat/ache grief thing. Heartbreak is really, truly, awful. I don't think I will take the risk of offering up my heart again. It's not worth the pain. It all comes back to that bullshit saying - "it's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all." Bull. Shit. I so disagree with that saying. I would rather shut my heart off and protect it, than to be hurt again. Just not interested.

That aside, the diet is going well, food is boring, but I am not starving. My stomach is improving and getting better, and the kids are happy. I took them to a Halloween party thrown by a family at school (an annual event) which was fantastic. They live in a gorgeous property up on the mountain. They had a jumping castle, laser light disco and plenty of food and drink. It was incredibly generous and all the dress ups (kids and adults alike) were a lot of fun. Finn is still recovering from some serious exhaustion over the last week or so, so we didn't stay too long but we had a good time.

Hoping this month is a thousand times better than last. Cheers.


Lib said...

Just pulled the pin? Just like that? Far out I am so sorry Kell :(

Diane said...

You are awesome girl!! You have awesome in your life. You deserve awesome!

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