Top Ten Xmas Gifts 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011

So Christmas is only 52 sleeps away, and the panic has begun. WHAT DO WE BUY THE CHILDREN!?!?!? Yeah, I dunno either. I decided to compile a list to help other frustrated parents. Except, I couldn't be arsed covering every age group. It'd take me forever, and I don't wanna. So below I have my top ten picks for Christmas presents for 3 year old girls, and for 8 year old boys.
Seriously, other than these 2 ages I have no idea. Wait, including these I have no idea. But I like the look of this lot, and I reckon my 2 would love any one of these (or, all of them, if their over-spender father gets his way...)

Three Year Old Girl Top Ten Xmas Gifts 2011

A doll. But not just any doll, these are gorgeous Aussie made dolls, really pretty (read: not skanky) and with cute outfits you can buy as added extras. Super cute!

Sand and water play. What kid doesn't like sand and water??

Zhu zhu pets. Now, I can't work these things out. They're weird. But man are they popular!!!

Kitchen... I know, I know, it's stereotypical crap. To be fair, the 8yo boy got a wooden kitchen for his birthday, so I am not stereotypical. Again, any kid loves this sort of role play. You can get plastic food sets super cheap to go with, too.

Leapfrog learning system. My girl loved a little version of this we found once, was just a pen that traced shapes and numbers so I reckon she would love one with stories. You can get them for all kinds of ages, and with all the popular characters.

Dress ups. Another one for lots of ages and both genders. my two have boxes and boxes of dress ups they have accrued over the years. They are one thing that never seems to grow old. They're constantly using them for games, fun, parties etc. Always a winner in my book.

Horse and Carriage - I had something like this as a kid. I reckon any little girl would go nuts for it. So cute!

Craft. Painting easels, packs of miscellaneous crafty bits and pieces, beads... You name it, they'll use it.

Jewellery box. Every wee Princess needs a vanity table with costume jewellery. And every collection of jewels needs a box to keep them in. Personally, I am a sucker for the ones that you open and they have the dancing ballerina in them. Just precious!

Milkshake Maker. This one might be specific to my girl. She freaking loves her milk, especially pink milk. She would LOVE one of these cute milkshake makers. Naww!

Top ten Christmas gifts for 8 year old boys 2011.

Chocolate moulds. Aside from the fact that it is about chocolate (lets face it, even we might steal this one), so many kids are wannabe Willy Wonka's. This little kit has all kinds of fun to it.

Anything NERF. We have at least 5 different kinds of nerf gun in this house. Including one that would put Rambo to shame. I hate the things, myself. I hide when they come out, but the boy loves them.

Anything magic. Finn loooooves magic tricks. Books, hats, wands, kits... All of it. Putting on a magic show at home, at school, for grandma and grandpa - winning.

Nintendo DS. Whether its old school or the new shmancy 3D version, these are brilliant. Finn uses his endlessly, not always using games, but the photos and voice effects keep him amused for ages.

Spykee the Robot. Okay so mine has this already too. I fail at this. But, aside from it needing an adult to put it together, this is awesome. You watch it on a computer screen and drive it about remotely. You can get smaller versions of him that might be easier for kids to put together themselves, too.

Books! Every kid needs books, you can never give or get too many. Great ranges for this age include Zac Power, Captain Underpants, The Undy's, and Diary Of A Wimpy Kid.

Popcorn Maker. Or Donut Maker. Back on the food theme, kids like cooking. Kids like yummy food. So combine them!

Electric Scooter. These are cool, and being electric, no skill in riding and steering and concentrating is required. Throw on a helmet and steer. That's it. I think I want one...

Solar System Mobile Kit. This is pretty cool. What is it about boys and space anyway? Let them get some smarts about space and have fun at the same time.

iPod Touch. Along the lines of the DS, but this keeps the kids off mum and dads iPhones and iPads. No phone element, so no carrier needed, but they can still play all the fun (and occasionally educational) apps and games they love.

So, there you go. I just did your Christmas shopping for you. Assuming you have a 3 year old girl and an 8 year old boy. Otherwise, get shopping yourself. :D


Anonymous said...

You have just given me some awesome ideas for my nieces! I freak out every year because I never know what to get them since I never see them.

-A said...

ZhuZhus are SO.MUCH.FUN. Really.
Until they get stuck under the entertainment center or the fridge.

Make sure they stay off the carpet too or they won't work properly.

I need suggestions for a 12 yr old boy - but actually Finn's list might come in handy there.

Amanda Planta said...

I love my pet TickleMe Plant

Amanda Planta said...

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