The Meaning of Friendship

Monday, September 5, 2011

Do you ever have moments where something that should be obvious, hits you like a truck? Things that people might say in one way or another over time, that you might have even heard before, for whatever reason makes more of an impact out of the blue? I had this happen to me twice this week, and I wanted to share it.

Firstly, my gorgeous friend, Nat. I admire Nat for about a billion different reasons. She's beautiful, smart, she's a loving wife and mother, and she is a true friend. In response to my blog yesterday about Fathers Day and the week that was, Nat sent me this tweet:

I can't tell you why it had such impact. Something about seeing myself the way she does. Wouldn't that be a fantastic way to live life? And why can't I see the me that she sees?? Why can't I appreciate myself the same way Nat does? It made me feel good, but it was also the kick I needed to stop and say, 'hang on a minute, why DON'T I see that?' I'm really lucky to have people to open my eyes for me, thank you, sweet Nat xx

The second was another tweet. This time from the precious Cat. Cat is a sweetheart, she is vulnerable, and generous, and really insightful. She 'gets' the big picture when most don't, in a myriad of examples. Cat is a few short weeks away from one hard earned experience of motherhood. She has tenacity and spirit that I adore. I am so excited to see her reach such a longed for moment. Last night, she was protective and defensive of me. She had my back. She was looking out for me, and when I thanked her for it, she replied with this tweet:

No earth shattering revelation, right? But it was. For me, it was. Because I thought, 'yes, I absolutely would' - in a heartbeat. But I didn't realise that other people knew that. I didn't grasp that my friendship was appreciated and recognised and my loyalty was known. It meant so much to me, I really felt valued in that tweet. Thank you so much, Cat, for making me feel so appreciated and valued. I value you, too.

So whatever else might feel bad today, whatever else doesn't feel good, whatever feelings are hurt, these are the moments I focus on, because these are the moments that make my heart happy. Thank you, universe, for giving me these girls as my friends. /LOVE.

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Nat xo said...

Thank you Kel
You really are such an amazing, strong and beautiful woman and the sort of Mum I aspire too. Much love

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