Thursday, September 22, 2011

Firstly, the happy thoughts worked, mums post surgery results came back clear. I cannot describe the relief!!! Apologies for the lack of blog, no excuse either. Just being a Mum :)

I have to write tonight, though. I'm sad, and I am angry and I am frustrated. This is the reason why. Troy Anthony Davis was executed today. I get this awful sense of panic and fear and horror when I think about the death penalty. It's just so awful. In any case. In cases of innocence, it's abhorrent.

It distresses me. I read some good quotes today I wanted to share.

"You can say they deserve to die, but the key moral question is 'Do we deserve to kill?'" -- Helen Prejean

"To take a life when a life has been lost is revenge, not justice." - Desmond Tutu

Australia stopped capital punishment in 1967 when Ronald Ryan was hung. What's even better, and you may not realise this, but just last year, federal legislation was passed prohibiting capital punishment in every state and territory. It makes me proud to be Australian. Imagine living in the US, wrong place, wrong time, and wrongly accused... and you're killed for it.

How can taking away a life make up for one lost? Doesn't bring them back. Doesn't teach any one anything. An eye for an eye is an old fashioned, outdated, and barbaric school of thought and it needs to stop. We need to put pressure on American government to spark change. This can't go on. It is, put plainly, wrong.

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Grayci said...

An eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind. Sad for his family. RIP Troy.

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