I am judging you. Probably.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I recently realised something about myself. I'm kind of judgemental sometimes. This is upsetting because I always thought that I wasn't. I'd see, for example, debates raging on parenting choices and I'd shrug and say "I don't know you and your child, only you know what works for you" and I'd feel almost smug about not judging people.

But recently two things have happened where I have found myself getting upset and judgey mcjudgepants at people. And I don't like it.

Firstly, I get annoyed when people don't display the same levels of friendship or loyalty that I do. Just because I would react in a fiercely loyal way, doesn't mean others have to. I get hurt when they don't, yet it's unreasonable of me to expect they do. It's kinda tough to be honest. I don't know how to handle that at all.

And secondly, if you eat meat, I am judging you for it. Big time. I am trying to accept that people have their reasons for consuming meat and that I can't and shouldn't think less of them for it, but you know what? I do. I can't see any reason that outweighs the suffering and murder of innocent animals. I just can't. There is no reason good enough for me.

I don't know what to make of this new side to me. I don't like it, it's not a pleasant way to be. But it's also difficult to stop myself doing. I guess being aware of it is a start, but from here out, I am not sure where to go with it. Maybe this is a stupid post to hit send on. Now you can all judge me for being judgey?!!


Katie Lindsay said...

I agree with you on the first one, and I'm am judging you in return for going on about veganism :P (I understand about the meat, even if I don't agree, but think you're wrong about eggs - my chooks and ducks are laying them anyway, what are we supposed to do, let them rot? I'm not sure about honey because I don't know much about bees.)

Kate said...

Interestingly, I have three people on my personal Facebook who are hard core vegans. I respect their choice to be and obviously when I meet those I see IRL I make sure there are vegan options available, and not jut chips lol.

Two of those three have over the past year become the most judgemental people imaginable, and in one instance it has caused a rift that may never heal (after this person told my 9yo that he is a murderer and a death-eater... Think it all you like but DO NOT traumatise my child because my family chooses to consume meat!).

It makes me sad to be honest. The changes I've seen in one of those people has spilled from omnivore judgement to religious judgement as well now, and this is a woman who was known for her compassion and caring of others regardless of differences not five years ago.

Anyway. Your post just made me think about it :)

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