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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Two of five articles I have written for www.birth.com.au are currently up on their site. You can read about Trouble With Conception and Supporting Someone with Infertility. Three more will appear in time. I have had really lovely feedback from my editor there, but most importantly, I feel so good about this. When I was going through infertility, the thing that I always swore to do, was to increase awareness about infertility and it's attached emotional issues. I wanted to normalise and validate the experiences we all have. I feel like I am making good on my promise to myself now, and it makes me want to continue to do so, either with more articles, or perhaps at some point, even a book. I can do this, I am the best person to write this book, and it's so needed. This is only the beginning for me, and my work with infertility. I'm excited about it!

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