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Friday, May 25, 2012

Just sharing my latest meal plan with you all, to see if you may be inspired by my vego ways! I am moving more away from fake meat replacements now, to whole food stuffs. Tastier!!! I still have some schnitzels and sausages in the freezer to eat, and the kids love the vegan meatballs so I will keep them around!

Party pies Will be using mushrooms in place of beef style chunks in this one.
Fake schnitzels and veg
Fake hotdogs
Curry - creamy veg and cashew p 139 Easy Vegan cookbook
Vegie burgers made with mashed veg and legumes of some kind - still pondering this!
Spicy bean burritos p 58 Easy Vegan cookbook
Vegie potstickers w orange sauce p66 Easy Vegan cookbook 
Faux Meatballs, pasta and garlic bread.

Some lunch ideas include the butternut squash and pine nut soup from the easy vegan cookbook, and dill weed sambos and onion rings from the vegan stoner - my current two fave inspirations! I am drooling at the thought of all these tasty goodies. 

Recent vegan successes of mine include risoni pasta salad (a 12wbt recipe), vegan cupcakes (rum and raisin and peanut butter varieties), fried risotto balls, mock chicken burritos, tofu scramble and facon bacon, and chilli cheese fries using vegan cheezly. Pics below!

Risoni Salad

Rum and raisin cupcakes with rum glaze

Tofu scramble with facon bacon

Mock chicken burritos

Peanut butter cupcakes

Fried risotto balls

Chilli 'cheese' fries

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