Mothers Day

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I was sulking today about the crap day I had had for mothers day. I was still finding blessings in my 2 beautiful children, the fight I had to get them, and the appreciation I have for them - but I still felt a bit off side.

Then an out of the blue message on facebook from a dear friend, who told me that she had run in todays Mothers Day Classic, in honor of my Mum. It's a fundraiser for breast cancer research, and, as you know, My mum battled, fought and won a supreme victory over breast cancer in 2009.

It hit me hard. I have my mum still. I could easily not have. I am so, so, very lucky. So I wrote this for her, immediately after. Happy Mothers Day, Mum xx

It's moments out of nowhere...
Sometimes, I havent thought about it for months.
Then, like a punch to the stomach - I am winded by reminders.
And I remember, how incredibly lucky I am.

This mothers day, I don't care what I miss out on.
This mothers day, I don't care how bad the weather is.
This mothers day, I am just so incredibly grateful,
That I can still celebrate you, my mother.

Thank you, for being my best friend.
I know that I can tell you anything. 
Even when we disagree, we care.
Thank you, for loving me so honestly.

Thank you, for emailing me every morning.
Even when, we have nothing much to say.
Thank you, for doing all you do for me.
Often, I don't even have to ask. 

You are the most important and valuable person,
in my life. Every single day.
I am so incredibly grateful you are my mother.
We're alike in so many ways.

Thank you for being my role model.
This sounds a funny thing to say - But thank you, for beating cancer.
I appreciate you. Entirely.
The mother you are, the friend you are, the person you are.

Happy Mothers Day.

Love Kell xxx

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