Vegan rice rolls

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You cannot imagine how good these are!!! My dear friend sent them to me from the US, and the first use I cooked them badly and was scared off. Tonight I decided I would master them and Oh. My. God. Who would ever eat meat with this choice??? They are so good!!!! I used this recipe for chinese 'beef' from vegan feast kitchen, halved it, and altered it to suit what I had on hand.

So, I hydrated the curls in water, with vegemite, soy sauce, tomato sauce and vegan gravy powder (gravox is vegan!) for 15min, drained and squeezed them. 

Then mixed them with 3 garlic cloves, sesame oil, cornflour, and sherry (sweet because I had no dry), and ginger (chopped a smidge of glace ginger in as it was all I had, fresh was called for!) and then cooked it in sesame oil. SO MUCH YUMMINESS. 

Then I cooked a sliced onion and put the curls and onion on a rice paper roll with cucumber strips, shredded iceberg lettuce and sweet chilli sauce. Jesus they are good. 

SO good. I asked Finn to try the strips and see what he thought, he loved it!!! He asked for more, more, more and almost ate all of it. Thrilled. This is how I will make fajitas and burritos from now on!

Don't judge my rice paper rolling abilities!!! I am too scared to look if these soy curls are available in Australia. I may be hitting Christie up for some more in the near future... :D

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