Oh dear.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

What was I thinking??? I just emailed the lecturer I had (and respected enormously) when I did my Masters unit. The creative and exegesis unit? Remember THIS? I emailed her and asked about doing a PhD. What was I thinking? I can't do that!!! I'd have to write a creative piece 80,000 words long. Not to mention an exegesis of 20,000.

Logically, as someone who actually wants to write books for a living some day, I have to kinda tackle this issue of length either way. This would motivate me to do so, right? RIGHT? And it's an opportunity to write on a topic of significance. But, the pressure I'd put myself under would be pretty hardcore. And I'd be committed to 3-6 YEARS of it. Again, WHAT WAS I THINKING? She will likely reply and say no anyway. Maybe. I can always change my mind before I sign on for keeps anyway.

So why am I panicking at having sent that email??? :/

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Diane said...

Because it is HUGE!! I am envious!!!! You go girl!!

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