Kanye West... Really?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Have you seen the new clip for Kanye West's song, Monster? It's trying very hard to be controversial. Sadly, in some places, that is working. A petition has been started to have the clip banned in Australia, because of the way it denigrates and objectifies women's pain and suffering.

I always have and always will disagree with the idea of censorship. It's a slippery slope, and one I hope that we don't go down in Australia. I think that you can be feminist without banning things left, right, and centre. I watched the clip over at Dailymotion, and it's pretty vile. Dead corpses, hanging models, severed heads... It goes on in that vein. It's not particularly creative, and it's not especially impressive in effects. It's what I'd call "try-hard."

I am not even certain I think this is any worse in it's treatment of women, than the plethora that use sex to sell their product, rather than talent (usually because that talent is severely lacking to be enough on it's own merit). But, the violence is centered on women in the clip, and along with Kanye and Jay-Z's incessant use of the word nigger, it's just off on every level. It's Kanye's hubris at an all time high, and I doubt this will be the last of it. The sooner this guy flakes it and fades from the public eye, the better. Ugh.

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Mrs J said...

I had to go see for myself on Youtube what you are referring to. How revolting. And that was just the first 20-30 seconds, I couldn't bear watching the whole lot. Kanye West and his ilk always portray women as gyrating, braindead, submissive, skimpily dressed bimbos. I hate that women are portrayed that way, but at the same time I pity the women in the music videos who lower themselves to those standards just for their 5 minutes of fame.

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